About Us

Hum & Crumble is on a mission to become the number one brand for honest, healthy and quality organic foods. We believe the “Health” and “Superfoods” sector is boring and we want to shake things up with food and content that rocks your socks off!

At Hum & Crumble, we know that the food you eat should be nutritious, delicious and downright fun, which is why we started this journey. That's why we made our range cost-effective, 100% natural, and damned awesome too!

We want our message to be clear and with little waffle. Basically, we love food, people, the planet and (as they’re not mutually exclusive) while having a laugh along the way.

Whether your kick is a morning smoothie, a monthly detox or you're an angel all day every day………… we have got your back. We only source the best stuff around that's designed to help your body, mind and the environment, decrease their toxic load and make you feel great. We proudly find ethical products and carry the Soil Association organic logo on our brand.

To get where we are going, we need you with us, which means we must give you exceptional value (that's great, because it’s what we want to do anyway), we will try and make your day better with recipes, tips, humour and whatever else we can. We will also try not to spam market you with excessive promotions. Hit us up over anything via our contact page, and hopefully, we will see you soon.

Thanks for stopping by,

Hum and Crumble (food to rock your socks off!)


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